But – if I haven’t got any seeds to swap?

Although events like this are usually called “seed swaps”, you don’t need to bring seeds to take part.

Come along, have a chat, find out what will grow well for you in your circumstances and location, and take a few suitable seeds home – free.

Hopefully, after a successful crop you’ll have some seeds to save yourself and then you can keep some, and bring the spares back next year to give to other people. Seed saving is something humans have been doing for thousands of years and you can do it too – take a look at our seed saving resources links to learn all you need to know.

If you do have some favourite seeds, plants or cuttings that you’d love to share with others, then bring them along, but please don’t be put off coming if you’re empty-handed at the moment – hopefully with the help of other growers that won’t be the case for long!

You might like to think of the event as a “building society” (only tastier, more fun, and without the polyester uniforms) rather than just a swap. This year you take something away but you’ll invest it in your future – with the right support, you’ll be able to “pay it back” eventually, and next year, someone else will benefit.

The event really is for everybody who wants to grow food, whatever your circumstances, so please come along and help make it a success.


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