The great Devon seed hunt

OK, new for 2016/2017 …. as summer (remember that? it’s the bit when it only rains six days out of seven) looms, we’re going to start appealing for Devon gardeners to let us know if they have some favourite seeds they’d be prepared to share or even just tell us about. We’d particularly like to hear from people in North Devon, but we won’t shun you if you’re from further south in the county.

This doesn’t have to be a Ye Olde English variety with a fancy name and a long story (but both are welcome) – it might be the seeds your dad, your granny, or your neighbour down the road always sowed year after year.  Vegetables would be great – those runner beans that always came third in the local show, but tasted much nicer than the ones that came first? – but herbs, flowers, and other plants are welcome, as long as they’ve got a local connection.

At the time of writing (February 2016) we’ve just had this idea so what happens next depends on the feedback we get. Our aim is just to get people sharing varieties that have probably been kept for good reason, adapted to our unique and occasionally challenging climate, and ensure that a wide range of varieties continues to be available to us all in years to come.  Ideally we’d be able to help you share and swap your seeds (and discover new varieties yourself) but if you just want to send us a handful of seeds which we can perhaps try out, save seed and share at a future seed swap, that would be great too.

If you’ve got something really special you may want to approach the Heritage Seed Library as well or instead – they have the resources to research and test varieties and make sure they’re shared more widely, which means they are less likely to become extinct. But if you’re not sure, or would like to share with local growers too, then get in touch:

Please contact us here: