Useful seed saving resources

Here are some useful resources for everything related to saving superb seeds and growing fabulous food plants.
The Heritage Seed Library is many people’s first port of call both for advice and for sources of traditional, local, and heirloom varieties of vegetable seed. Their current campaigns include the Sowing New Seeds project, collecting and learning about varieties that are “non-traditional” as far as the UK is concerned, but grown here for many years by people who have brought their own favourite crops from countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. You can find out about everything from callaloo and Vietnamese mustard, to Martock beans and Glory of Devon peas…
Real Seeds sell heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds for home gardeners, and emphasise the fact that every seed they sell is suitable for home seed saving because they’re all non-hybrids that will “come true” if you follow their instructions.  Includes a tidy downloadable Word document for you to print out and keep handy through the year to remind you what to do to save seed effectively from a whole range of vegetables.
Seedy Sunday is based in Brighton – but they have vegetables up there just like us in Devon (ours are probably tastier, of course…). They’re the home of a huge seed swap each year and offer handy factsheets on seed saving how’s and why’s – explore the rest of their site for links to other events, organisations and resources that you might want to explore once you have the seed-saving bug.
Advice from Lia Leendertz on the Telegraph website
Ben Raskin on the benefits of seed saving – and potential threats to traditional varieties
Kim Stoddart’s “Thrifty Gardener” series includes plenty of tips and tales of her experiments in seed saving.


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