North Devon Seed Swap 2018

7North Devon Seed Swap

The North Devon Seed Swap is back in 2018!


Where: HARTLAND PARISH HALL (off the A39 – see map at the bottom of this page)

When: Sunday Feb 11th 2018 from 11am-2pm

What: Bring seeds and/or plants to swap with other gardeners in North Devon. But  it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any seeds to bring, come along, get some for free and bring them back to next year’s swap! There will be lots of growers, plenty of chat and light lunch/refreshments.

Who: Everyone and anyone who wants to grow plants, especially vegetables, suitable for home growers in Devon’s unique climate. Experienced gardeners and first time growers, all welcome. Bring your favourite seeds and plants to share and find out about and take home some new and exciting varieties.


This was a fantastic event today, thank you to Rob, Diana, and to all those who made the lovely cakes tea etc.

There is also going to be another seed swap in Tavistock on Sat Feb 24th at the Local Matters shop in Elbow Lane 10am – 2pm so look out for that if you can’t make Hartland on the 11th.

Click here to see pics and reports from 2013’s Seed Swap.


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